Where I’ve Been

I am back online! I have been working on embroidery project for a friend of mine and finally completed it last Saturday. A day before I gave it to her :-).

Last week was good. On Monday, dh, JK and I went to Washington, DC with a group of homeschoolers. We rented a bus so it was nice to let someone else do the driving and to not have to cart our lunch around with us. JK wanted to see the Declaration of Independence (not for educational reasons………because she liked the movie!) so went first to the National Archives. I was really shocked to see how faded this document had become. I remember seeing it as a child and I don’t remember it looking like that. Most of the signatures on the left side were completely faded. We could make out John Hancock’s famous signature but he was faded, too! On a previous trip to DC, JK had picked up a copy of the DOI and we had spent quite a while studying the signature and where each man was from, etc. so she was really disappointed that she could hardly read them. The Constitution was in much better shape and the Bills of Rights look new compared to the other two. I hope they have found ways to keep them from deteriorating further.

After the Archives we went to the Museum of Natural History. That’s one of my favorite museums except for the evolution propaganda. We had a great time in the bug museum–I’m glad there behind glass and can’t it out–and JK really enjoyed seeing the giant squid. That thing is gross. I can’t stand looking at it. And to think that there are really, really giant ones swimming around the bottom of the ocean.

Our next stop was lunch, then the Air and Space Museum, which is fun because of all the hands-on things for children to do. My feet were really hurting by then and I was glad to get back on the bus to go home. I went to bed early that night because…………

I woke up at 4:30 to get ready for some friends to pick me to take me to the airport to say goodbye to a couple from our church that were leaving for Costa Rica. Their flight left at 6:30. They are going down to language school and then on to Honduras to serve as medical missionaries. Despite the early hour, it was a wonderful time of fellowship and prayer.

The rest of the week was fairly quiet. JM had a orthodontist app’t and games on Wednesday and Saturday. JK missed her Monday game and Friday’s was cancelled because of rain. I was disappointed because the field was almost an hour away. I’m getting very stingy with my gas now that it’s above $2 a gallon.

Tomorrow we’re home until 2:30 so I hope to get a lot accomplished. I’ll keep you posted.

What say you?

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