Redeeming the Time

The Lord is really speaking to me about the best use of my time and not wasting it. While I was watching JK’s softball practice, I read an article by Cindy Rushton ( about redeeming the time. Very convicting and something I need to work on. Here’s what I did in my home today:

~called the local pool to find out about summer rates
~worked on a project for the hospitality committee, which involved phone calls and e-mails
~took JK to softball practice
~took JM to a soccer game (he was watching a friend), picked him up and took him to his baseball game
~went to Sam’s Club to buy food for our homeless ministry
~went to Bed, Bath and Beyond to buy a shower gift for tomorrow night
~went to two other stores besides Sam’s looking for ripe bananas for tomorrow’s fruit salad to serve the homeless. Monday must be banana shipment day because every store had green bananas.
~worked at my desk for a while
~and, I almost forgot, did school with JK: math, language arts, read-alouds, Bible and history!

I pray that my time was productive but I know there was some wasted moments in there. I don’t necessarily want to be busy every moment–I want to be busy about the things that matter most: the Lord, my dh, my children, serving at home and in our local church.

Redeeming the time, because the days are evil–Ephesians 5:16

What say you?

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