This Mother’s Day

I didn’t go to church this morning because I wasn’t feeling well. I also have a big fever blister on my lip–yuck! JM stayed home also and brought me breakfast in bed. Waffles and oj. It was very special. After everyone was home from church and ate lunch, we went to the pool. Only it wasn’t open! For some reason they decided to close it today (Mother’s Day?). JK was very disappointed but her friends were out so she played with them all afternoon.

I went out and sat on the swing and read. It was so beautiful outside today. The temperature was about 75, a little breezy but not too bad. After a while I got a pillow and slept on the swing :-). It was wonderful to fall asleep listening to singing birds and the leaves rustling with the wind. May is so nice because it’s not too hot or humid. Next month I won’t be able to sit outside unless I want to sweat and get bit by mosquitoes!!

JK and JL both wrote me letters telling me how much I mean to them and how much they love me. That is better than any gift they could have bought me.

What say you?

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