A Wonderful Day

I went to the gym this morning with my oldest daughter and we had great fun together–even though my legs were hurting after riding 4 miles on the bike.

After we got home and she went to work, I sat on the couch to do our read-alouds with JK. It was such a wonderful time. We read Proverbs 10 and discussed the consequences of being lazy. She picked out three verses to use for her copywork. Yesterday we finished reading The Story of the 13 Colonies. Now we’re moving on to finding out what life was like during the colonial period. Today we read 7th and Walnut about the city of Philadelphia (which we touched on earlier when we read a biography on William Penn). JK wants to copy some of the pictures we saw today for her history notebook. After our history reading we read two chapters of Little House on the Prairie. We learned about “fever and a’gue” and all about how Pa made Ma a rocker. Everytime I read the Little House books I’m amazed at what a talented man Pa was. I guess he had to be since they were in the middle of nowhere. He knew how to do everything: hunt, farm, build a house, build furniture, dig a well, play the fiddle!

JK learned about subtracting decimals today and she did very well! Yeah! I think math is coming easier to her than it did to her sister.

This afternoon consisted of lots of driving back and forth. JK and JM had dentist appointments. Then I had to take JM to cheerleading try-outs at 4:30; I picked him at 6:30 and drove him over to his baseball game. He had a double! Yeah!

Earlier in the evening JK and I sat on the swing and talked about birds, bugs and the chapter we read in Little House today. A chickadee came right by us to use the feeder and we heard the cardinals calling but they never came down. They are so very shy. JK said they’re her favorite bird.

Thank you, Lord, for a wonderful day. Blessed be the name of the Lord!

What say you?

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