In My Home Today

I was home most of the day so was able to get quite a few chores done. Next week is a local used curriculum sale and I’m trying to get my items together to sell. I have so many books I want to sell but I don’t think I’ll take them all next week. There’s another sale on June 4 and then the big used curriculum sale at the convention later in June. I’ll probably take most of them to sell there.

JK worked on her history notebook today. She put in pictures of Joliet, Marquette and William Penn, her map of the 13 colonies and then tracings she made of everyday items in Colonial times. We didn’t do read-alouds today. She spent a lot of time on math (I gave her some extra workbook pages) and on her notebook.

As I was going through a lot of “how to draw” books, I found one on optical illusions. We started talking about them and I got on the computer to see if we could find any. Did we!! We spent about 30 minutes looking at various ones. It was really interesting except I started getting a headache so decided to stop. I ended up taking a 45-minute nap on the couch while she went out to play.

We had bbq chicken wings tonight on the grill. I ran to the store and picked up some corn on the cob to put on the grill also. It was delicious. We also had baked potatoes and applesauce. We were supposed to have root beer floats for dessert but we never got around to it. Perhaps tomorrow night.

Tonight we sat on the swing again. When I’m home at night, that’s becoming my little routine. I know in a few weeks it’s going to be too hot and muggy to sit outside comfortably so I’m taking advantage of it now. A cold front was starting to come through (temp. will only be 65 tomorrow) and the wind was really up. I just love listening to the sound of the wind in the trees.

I enjoy staying home :-). I get a lot done; the atmosphere is more peaceful and so am I.

What say you?

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