Everyone slept in this morning. I slept right through the alarm and didn’t get up in time to get JM off to school. I was supposed to make him waffles! I don’t like when that happens.

JK didn’t get up until very late. She said she was really tired. We did a little school today but not much. Math did get finished so that’s good.

This afternoon JK had a softball practice and dh surprised her by coming. She was very excited. Since he was there, I left to go grocery shopping at Sam’s. I picked JM up from cheerleading try-outs (he made the team–yeah!) and then did the rest of my shopping at the Super Walmart. I then came home and crashed :-).

I did sit on the swing for about ten minutes today. This morning I saw a flicker, blue jay, cardinal, tufted titmouse and a nuthatch in the backyard. They are some of my favorite birds. Oh yes, and chickadees. But no hummingbirds have come to our feeders. Someday……..

What say you?

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