Used Book/Curriculum Sale

Last night one of our local homeschool groups had their annual book sale. I had two tables full of books, vidoes and other odds and ends. Since JK is my last child in our homeschool, I’m weeding out a lot of things. I sold a lot of things but still came home with too many boxes but I did make a wonderful find! Someone was selling Landmarks for 10 cents each! I bought all she had because I can resell them later.

I love working at book sales but it can be disappointing, too. There are so many people that follow after a book or person. I saw more than one person walking around with their “Well-Trained Mind” and if a book or curriculum wasn’t listed there, they weren’t buying it. I also had one person not buy some of my A Beka readers because they weren’t the latest edition. Even when I explained that the books were the same and only the cover had changed, they still weren’t interested :-(. I hope that if they homeschool a few more years (most of these people looked like new hsers) that they will break out of those boxes and discover there are other ways to homeschool. Ways that don’t have to be so stressful on the family. Ways that can be academically challenging while still putting the Lord first. Ways that won’t burn them or their children out in the first few years of homeschooling.

A few books I would recommend:

~A Charlotte Mason Companion by Karen Andreola
~Beyond Survival by Diana Waring
~Wisdom’s Way of Learning by Marilyn Howshall

What say you?

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