Wives and Daughters

My summer reading this year is probably going to be one book. Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell. A friend’s daughter recommended it and I picked it up at the bookstore tonight. It’s 644 pages!! That’s a lot of poolside reading :-).

JK and I went to a local pool with some friends today. We had a nice time except for all the daycare kids that were there. The kiddie pool and one big pool had to be closed 3 times because of a “brown alert” as a friend called it. Yuck! Some friends from church are going to the same pool next week but I think we’ll pass. We’ll just stick to the pool we joined.

I came home today from our outing and was exhausted. I told JK I was going to rest for a few minutes. Three hours later I woke up! Can you believe it? My head hit the pillow and I was out. It felt good but it has messed up my evening as I can’t sleep right now. Hopefully I’ll be back on track tomorrow.

What say you?

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