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Tomorrow (Today) will be busy at home

Monday morning means laundry–just like the Pilgrims. They did their washing on Monday and a lot of people still follow that example.

Beside laundry, I need to straighten up from the weekend. It always looks like a tornado went through here after the weekend is through. Why is that? Whatever the reason, I need to pick up. I also have the usual Monday chore that is always on my PDA: living room and stairs. This means vacuum and dust those areas. JL usually does that for me but now that she is working full time I guess it’s me. I think I’ll make this a chore for JK!!!

My other major project is to do all the paperwork for the Used Curriculum Sale. I’ve done three crates already. Only seven more to go. And that doesn’t even include taping the labels on. I’ve only written out the labels and master sheets.

I’m headed off to bed now…….I’d like to get up early so I can get a lot of this done. I want to go to the pool :-). I don’t know if that will happen, though. I’m tired.

Almost forgot–we need to do school somewhere in there, also!!

What say you?

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