I spent most of this morning and early afternoon in our family room getting rid of stuff! We’re having bookcases and a mantle built in soon and the room has to be ready. For the past few months it has been used as a catch-all because there’s no couch or anything in there.

I also needed to clear out one double bookcase. Most of the books I took to the convention but there were still quite a few to get rid of. I took four bags to the Goodwill this afternoon. I also went through the toys and games and weeded those out. All our games (except two) now fit in a four-drawer dresser. I took the boxes out and just kept the boards, which I labeled, and put all the pieces and instructions in plastic bags. Everything looks so nice and neat!

JK took some of the old games pieces and boards and made her own game. We played it tonight and it was a lot of fun. It’s wonderful how creative she can be! She spent most of the day in her room, working on her board game and listening to the Jonathan Park CDs that I picked up at the convention. She asked when we can get volume 3 but I’m not even sure if it’s out yet. I’ll have to check. She’s almost finished listening to them. I guess she’ll move on to the Jim Weiss CDs.

De-cluttering makes for a peaceful home. Peaceful to look upon and peaceful to be in.

What say you?

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