I Seek to Lift Your Load

I’m at the library today and stopped by to say hi. The girls are at the in-laws and I am alone . I have been enjoying my time away.

The Lord has really been ministering to my heart through His Word and other devotional readings. It has been so nice to get up and have a quiet time for as long as I want! Just spending time reading, praying, meditating and praising. I really needed this!

I’m reading “Come Away, My Beloved” in my quiet time and it is so good! I wish I could give everyone a copy.


Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He will lift you up. James 4:10

Seek Me early; seek Me late; seek Me in the midst of the day. You need Me in the early hours for direction and guidance and for My blessing upon your heart. You need Me at the end of the day to commit into My hands the day’s happenings–both to free yourself of the burdens and to give them over into My hands so I may continue to work things out. And you need Me more than ever in the busy hours, in the activities and resonsiblities, so that I may give you My grace and My tranquility and My wisdom.

I do not ask you to take time for Me with the intention of placing a burden on you by requiring you to do so. Rather than adding a requirement, I seek to lift your load. Rather than burdening you with a devotional obligation, I desire to take the tensions of life from you.
My prayer is that I may always seek Him early, late and in the midst of the day!

What say you?

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