The Caterpillars are Here!!

I purchased a live butterfly garden at the homeschool convention in June and a few weeks ago I sent off for our caterpillars. When we got home from errands this afternoon, the package was in the mailbox. JK was so excited!! I was hoping they hadn’t been in the mailbox too long. It was hot today and I’m sure the temperature inside of that mailbox can get high.

We had to unload all the groceries from the car then we opened the package. All five were alive. Yeah!! We set the little container on the counter between the kitchen and the family room. The sun doesn’t shine directly on them and it’s a place where we can watch them.

According to the instructions for the next 7 to 10 days, they will eat the food that came with them and grow to ten times their size. Next, they’ll hang upside-down and shed their skins to form chrysalides. Finally we’ll have butterflies.

Stay tuned for an update each day.

What say you?

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