Taking A Break

I’m taking a break from cleaning. I’ve spent most of this afternoon dusting, organizing, de-cluttering and vacuuming the schoolroom. I have seven seven-foot bookcases with plants on top and I finally got the ladder to dust the tops and also the plants. Ugh! There were lots of dust bunnies up there!! We’re starting school in two weeks so I want to get everything ready in here.

I’m starting to get motivated. It must be all those back-to-school sales I see in the stores now. I bought everything I needed last year after school started so I’m pretty set. I bought paper at Target for .15 cents for 200 sheets. I think I have enough paper for a few years.

Well, the dust, dirt and disorganization are still here so I’m off. I’ll update tonight about the caterpillars. Exciting things are happening!

What say you?

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