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Still More De-Cluttering

From where does this stuff come? How did it get here? Why was I keeping it??

The last few days I’ve been de-cluttering our art supplies and my files. I threw away so much paper! Old receipts, bank statements, owner’s manuals for things we no longer own, and various other bits of paper. I have a lot more room in my file cabinets now.

I have also been going through our arts and crafts supplies. I threw away a lot of stuff in there also: paint that we no longer used, bits of yarn, felt, thread, beads, sequins, paintbrushes–you name it! Everything is now neatly organized. I also used two file drawers for all my rubber stamping items. I was able to file all my card stock, put pads and other equipment into boxes and get everything in order. That is going to make it a lot easy when JK and I have our rubber stamping sessions.

I’m planning on starting school on Monday if I can get the rest of this de-cluttering and organization finished. My bookcases in the family room are still not finished. Hopefully, Jim (the carpenter) will be able to do that tomorrow. All the bookcases need are molding and then he has to install the fireplace mantle. Once that is done I can put my books in. I have about three boxes of books that I need to get off the floor and away. I can’t wait. The school room and family room will be done. Yeah!

I think I’ll have to move school back a week because I don’t think I’m going to be ready on Monday. Since dh is on vacation this week and home with us, my schedule is out of whack! I’m not in my usual routine. But that’s ok. It’s fun having him home. He’s taken me out to lunch everyday !!

What say you?

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