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What’s Been Happening Lately

As you can tell from previous posts, I have been doing major, major de-cluttering of the house. Each day I’ve been working, working, working. Not just de-cluttering, but cleaning, scrubbing, fixing up, you name it. I am almost done the entire house. I only have left to do:
~master bedroom closet
~JK’s bedroom
~pantry/school closet (pantry on most shelves and school items on a few other shelves)

I am so excited about getting this finished. Last year I noticed I wasted a lot of time with school because I was focusing too much on housework. I was trying to do both at once. My goal this year is to do one hour’s worth of work each day and that’s it. Once school starts then I’m focusing on that. So many times last year I would start Julianne on a project and then go start some housework. She would then need help and had to find me. I didn’t like to be interrupted. Well, you get the picture. The Lord showed me that I need to be more productive with my time.

I am also starting to plan my lessons for school. I’m trying to do a little bit each night so when we start, I can have at least 6 weeks worth finished.

How is everyone else doing? Have you started school yet? If not, when do you plan to start? Or do you school year round? I’m going to be doing school 4 days a week with Friday as our Beautiful Girlhood day. We’ll be doing home economics, sewing, working on Keepers at Home projects and also doing our Beautiful Girlhood study. I’m looking forward to it. If we do field trips, I’ll try to make those on Friday also.

I would love to hear everyone’s plans for next year!

What say you?

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