daily life

Wednesday Here At Home

It was a typical day around here. I had lots of laundry and chores to do in the morning so that kept me busy. It wasn’t until this afternoon that I had a chance to get on the computer to check my mail. I had 139 e-mails!! I had recently joined a new group that I thought would be interesting but I quickly unsubbed!! Who has time to read that kind of mail???

Last Friday we took JK’s painting to be judged in the county fair. I wonder how she did? We won’t know until we go to pick it up this Sunday afternoon. Today I submitted the forms to the state fair so she can enter her painting there. She’s also going to enter her banana nut bread.

We went to the pool around 4:00. I worked on my school planning while JK swam. She has made a new friend there and enjoys swimming with her. There was a back-to-school party going on with lots of games and prizes, etc. so it was a good afternoon. We’ll probably go again tomorrow since it’s the last full week of swimming. Most of the pools in our area close this weekend but ours will be open for weekends only during September. It’s usually hot enough to swim.

What say you?

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