First Day of School

After having the July and August as one big free day we finally started school! Actually we picked up where we left off at the end of June. Here’s what we did today:

Math (BJU): learned how to figure the area of a room
Science (Exploring Creation with Astronomy): started a new unit on the moon. JK cut out the various phases of the moon and pasted them into her notebook. This was not even an assignment. I love it when she does stuff on her own.
Language Arts (LLATL, Spelling Power, Italic Handwriting): worked on the poetry unit. She looked up two poems about animals then copied and illustrated them. We started Spelling Power. Today I just did the testing to determine which level she should start. Tomorrow will begin the daily tests. I remember doing this with JL and JM. We had a lot of fun because I always made up silly sentences for the spelling words.

We started our usual custom of playing a game while we eat lunch. Today it was Phase Ten. Since that is such a long game, we just played until someone reached phase four–me! That was very unusual. I don’t normally win that game!

That was it for today. Tonight I need to enter my lesson plans into Homeschool Tracker. I’m thinking about upgrading to the Plus software but haven’t made up my mind yet. The free one certainly is doing a good job but I like some of the features on the upgrade.

What say you?

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