On the School Front

School went well today. We did math and language arts today and instead of science, we added history. We’ll do history twice a week and science twice a week. Fridays are our Beautiful Girlhood day so JK will just do math and language arts and the rest of the day will be devoted to home economics and the feminine arts.

In history, we read about the different Indian wars of the 1600’s. We then read about The Great Awakening and how it was necessary for this to happen so that the colonists, who would soon be charge of their own country, would have a chance to build a Bible-based government. God is sovereign!

We read about John and Charles Wesley from the book, Hero Tales, by Dave & Neta Jackson. Somehow that got into a discussion about time periods. I don’t know how it happened but we ended up talking about Elizabeth I and the Spanish Armada. I showed JK the Landmark book about Queen Elizabeth and she promptly went upstairs to start reading. I have a feeling she’ll be finished by tomorrow !!

BTW, I use TruthQuest History guides. I’m using the American History for Young Students I and hope to finish by Christmas and then move on to 1800-1865. I’d like to finish all three guides by next September because I plan to use the recommended seven-year plan for the rest of JK’s schooling (Lord willing!). Here’s the plan using the TruthQuest History guides:

Seven-year plan:
Year 1) Ancient Egypt/Ancient Greece
Year 2) Ancient Rome
Year 3) Middle Ages
Year 4) Renaissance/Reformation/Exploration
Year 5) Age of Revolution I
Year6) Age of Revolution II

Year 7) Age of Revolutions III

Be sure to check out the website and read more about these wonderful guides for history using living books!

What say you?

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