Thursday at Home

A lot was accomplished here at home today. I sent out almost 50 Mailbox Club lessons today! I decided to run them to the post office since they wouldn’t all fit in my mailbox. I pray that the children receiving these lessons will learn more about the Lord and His ways and that any who don’t know Him would come to a saving knowledge!

I’ve decided to make a flyer about the Club and post it at the local libraries. I would like to see more children, especially the unsaved, get these lessons. I believe they can be a real ministry. If I can figure out how to do it, I’m also going to put a sign-up page on my website.

JK was not feeling well so we only did math and language arts today. She finished her school work and then after lunch she went upstairs to take a nap. She read for a while and finished “Queen Elizabeth and the Spanish Armada”.

JM came home from school and said that he was not feeling well. He ate a snack (of course) and then promptly went to bed. He didn’t wake up until 7:30! After he awoke, he ate dinner, did his homework and went back to bed. I’m so glad he didn’t have to work tonight. I hope he feels better tomorrow. I do not like to see any of my children sick!

I finished up the laundry and worked at my desk. You can actually see the top of it now. LOL!

Tomorrow is our Beautiful Girlhood Friday and we also have to run to the state fair to submit JK’s painting. It promises to be a busy day.

What say you?

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