Friday At Home

Today is our Beautiful Girlhood Friday and JK is learning about organization and cleaning. In otherwords, she’s cleaning her room! JM finally gave JK his permission to take apart the huge Lego fort that he’s had for years. That has certainly made her room less cluttered! He doesn’t have any place to put it in his room because of his drum set. (Long story…..).

I’ve been thinking about changing some of JK’s school work. This weekend I’m going to look over her 5th grade math book and see if I can just move her up into that. The same with Language Arts. I just have to compare the books and see how the handle the subjects she hasn’t covered yet.

I found a schedule for the Apologia Astronomy book that will let us finish it by the end of November. I joined the Yahoo Group for the elementary science books and it is great. I’m on “no mail” because it generates a lot of traffic but what I do like is the files. People have posted different schedules, workbooks, links, etc. for each book and it has really been helpful. I would recommend you join if you are using any of the Apologia Elementary Science books. In January I’d like to start Christian Kids Explore Biology and work until it’s completed. Of course, these are just plans and only the Lord knows how they will turn out! If I move JK up a grade, then she’ll start the Apologia General Science in September.

Tonight JM has a home game so we’ll be going to that. It’s about 95 degrees here today and the humidity is high. At least when the sun goes down, it will be a little cooler. Next week promises to be more fall-like. I can’t wait!!

What say you?

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