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State Fair and First Place!!

This is JK’s painting that she entered into the State Fair. What a surprise for her when she found it had a blue ribbon on it. She was so excited!! The fair is a wonderful place for children to display their talents. Several other children from church entered in various categories and their were lots of blue ribbons.

We have gone to the fair every year since we started homeschooling although we don’t go on homeschool day anymore. A few years back it rained on homeschool day three years in a row. After that, we decided to just go ahead and purchase our own tickets so we could watch the forecast and pick out the best day. Yesterday was sunny, warm and low humidity. It was perfect. We even had to go to our car in the evening to get our jackets.

JK brought a friend along since she was the only one going. Both JL and JM had to work. It was the first year they haven’t gone with us and it was kind of strange.

Some of the highlights this year were the baby animals (of course!), the BMX stunt riders who were really cool, the Eistein science show, pig races and naturally, the food. Why else do you come to the fair! We brought our lunch and ate it in the car, which saved a lot of money and then for dinner we had…………the usual fair fare: cotton candy, candied apple, ice cream, pizza, Italian sausage, and kettle corn. We did well with our drinks, though, because we got smoothies. There’s a place where you can get them made and then you get a ticket to come back anytime to get a refill. They were delicious and healthy so I guess that balanced out all the junk, right?

JK and her friend went on lots of rides. They both don’t like roller coasters or rides that are too wild so it was a good match. My dh went on a few rides with them and even I did! They were so shocked. I guess I’m too much of an old fogey.

By the time we got home, it was late and we were tired. When the alarm went off this morning, I told JM that his breakfast was on the table and I gave him $3 for his lunch. I was just too tired to make it. I threw a load of laundry in and went back to bed. I will not tell you what time I woke up because it was way late but I will tell you it felt wonderful to sleep that long!

Sleep, glorious sleep!!

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