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Weekly Update

I am finally feeling better although I still have a cough. Not much was accomplished this week since I was so sick. We did do school each day although no reading aloud because my throat was sore. JK finished her poetry project and she told she felt good that she had accomplished something. She loves to read “Favorite Poems Old and New” and will sit with it for hours reading the poetry. Every home needs to have a copy of that book!

I did manage to get all the laundry done and in one day. That’s a first! Maybe I should be sick more often LOL!

I had a coupon for a free rosterrie (?) chicken so my dh picked it up for dinner one night. After we ate it, I stripped the meat and then threw the bones into a pot with some veggies and made a delicious stock! Tonight, I used it to make chicken noodle soup, althought I use orzo instead of noodles. We had that along with cornbread. It was very good and tomorrow I’ll be able to have cold cornbread. A quirky thing that I like very much!

Our missions conference is this weekend and ourspeaker has really been giving us some challenging messages about being involved in missions and how the mission of the church is missions. One statistic he mentioned was that 3 billion people have never heard the gospel in their own language! It seems like that number is getting larger rather than smaller. It’s really sobering to think about.

At our ladies’ tea this afternoon one of the missionary wives’ spoke about what we can do to encourage missionaries on the field. She used the acronym SOCKS, which came about because someone once sent each of her family members socks and she was so blessed by that.

S=send stuff: cards for birthdays, devotional books, bulletins from church (she shared that she really enjoyed reading these), pictures, tapes or CDs of music and sermons. It doesn’t have to be anything big or expensive just something that shows you care. Be creative!
O=open your heart. Share what is going on in your life and be real.
C=connect monthly. Keep in touch by phone, snail mail or e-mail. Missionaries love to hear from the people that are supporting them.
K=know their ministry. She said to be involved with what they do so you can better pray for them and it’s an encouragement to them to know that you care enough to know what it is they are doing on the field. She told how she meet someone at a church that supports them and the person asked, “How is your work in China?”–they are missionaries in Japan!!
S=struggle or suffer together. This goes along with the “O” but she encouraged us to share our struggles so they can get to know us and to better pray for us and we can do likewise!

Lord willing, Monday I’ll tell you about our Children’s Missionary Program and hopefully have some pictures. There are so many talented people in our church. It is so neat to see how God brings all these people together.

Have a blessed Lord’s Day!

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