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Monday at Home and My Week Ahead

The day started out chilly and raining and it has ended that way. The rain is much needed so I’m glad! We had planned on going pumpkin picking but that had to be postponed. Lord willing, we will try again sometime next week.

Here at home we relaxed all day. JK read and read and read. Since she does not usually read that much, I just let her go with it. She finished The Sign of the Beaver and tomorrow I’ll have her start on one of the Daniel Boone biographies. I haven’t decided which one yet. That was school today!

I worked at my desk most of the day. I finished my history lesson plans for the next six weeks and also our science. Yeah! It feels good to get that done. I also worked on some of my Mailbox Club lessons. I even wrote letters to two of my penpals!

Our days this week will be spent at home accomplishing what needs to be done around here. JK wants to make her dearest friend some presents for Christmas so we’ll be working on those. Tomorrow I’d like to teach her to make some muffins. They are so easy to make and I’m sure it’s something she’ll enjoy. I need to work on laundry and general straigthening up. On the other hand, my nights this week are full, which is unusual. Tonight was our small group meeting which usually meets the 2nd Sunday night of the month but was postponed because of our missions conference. Thursday night I’m helping host a baby shower for a member of our church and Friday night I am speaking at a local homeschool support group. Well, sort of local–about an hour away. Last but not least, my dh and I are planning on going out to dinner Saturday night.

So, that is what I have planned this week–but the Lord may have other plans! I pray that I will trust Him in everything I do and remember that His plans are more important than mine!

What say you?

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