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Tuesday at Home

Another somewhat rainy day. I’m glad we have the rain but I miss the sun. I can only go so many days without before I still feeling very tired all the time.

JK and I did not get muffins made today but we did get a lot of work done. We vacuumed, dusted, de-cluttered and thoroughly cleaned the downstairs except the schoolroom.

After lunch JK watched “Making the Thirteeen Colonies” on our local PBS station. I had meant to tape them to watch later but since we’re right in that time period I let her view it today. Our local PBS station has Instructional TV in the morning and afternoon. If you go to their website, you can download the schedule and a review of each show. I put all the shows I wanted to tape on my PDA and set the alarm for 15 minutes before so I’d have time to get a tape ready. Sometimes we watch the shows as they are on but most of the time I tape them. Later this week is a show called “A Spin Around the Solar System” which I’m going to tape and we’ll watch it when we finish our Astronomy book. On Wednesdays at 2:45 the station carries a 15-minute current events program that we’ve been trying to make a habit of watching. It’s really pretty basic but it has a quiz at the end which is fun. I don’t know if most PBS stations offer ITV but I’d definitely check it out. It’s a great (free!!) resource!

I found out today that a new Pride and Prejudice movie is coming out on November 18. Some friends of mine are going (in costume, of course) and I’m planning on joining them. I don’t think I’ll be in costume, though, unless I want to look like Mrs. Bennett! I watched the trailer today and it looked interesting but it seemed a little modern. Can anything compare to the A&E production with Colin Firth? I think not but it will be interesting to watch and fun to go to with friends!

What say you?

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