Daniel Boone

Just exactly how many books on Daniel Boone do we need? In our TruthQuest History Guide we will studying Daniel Boone soon. I went to my bookshelves and here’s what I have:

~The Story of Daniel Boone (Signature Book)
~Daniel Boone (Landmark Book)
~Daniel Boone, Boy Hunter (Childhood of Famous Americans). This one has the black silhouettes as illustrations.
~Daniel Boone: Taming the Wilds (Discovery/Garrard Publishers)
~Daniel Boone by Esther Averill; illustrated by one of my favorites, Feodor Rojankovsky
~Let’s Be Early Settlers with Daniel Boone by Peggy Parish. Nice book of crafts and costumes to make.

They’re all good but I had to decide which to use. I’ll read the Landmark for our read-aloud time, JK will read the Signature and Averill for independent reading, and we’ll look over the others. JK has already read the Dan Frontier reader series, which is based on the life of Daniel Boone. This was one of the first series that she read. The grade level starts at kindergarten and goes to 4th or 5th.

What say you?

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