Pep Rally

My son (16) is a junior and cheerleader at the local high school. Today they had a pep rally since it is Homecoming Weekend. Was it ever loud! JK and I went after lunch to see how the cheerleaders are doing and just to join in the excitement. My son’s school is very big, about 1800 students, so it can get very, very loud in the gym with the crowd, the band and everything going on. They only have a few pep rallies each year so we make sure to go to them all. They are so full of excitement. The students at his high school are very supportive and enthusiastic. It’s really refreshing to see.

JM did a whole series of back handsprings across the gym. It was awesome–if I do say so myself! He also did his back tuck. Yeah!! He has really come a long way since he joined the squad last year. I took my video camera so I’ll be able to show dh tonight.

Speaking of tonight, of course it is the big game. It’s raining right now but the game will go on unless there is thunder. I’m working at the “spirit table” tonight so I hope it’s not too rainy or chillly. The spirit table is just some of the parents selling sweatshirts and other items from the school.

There were various reasons in our life that culminated in sending our son to ps and at first I was very nervous. He had never been to school except K and 1st so I wasn’t sure how he would do. I also wasn’t sure what would happen because there’s so much negative publicity about public school and how horrible it all is. Well, his experience has been wonderful and my dh and I are very pleased with the school. The teachers are very open and eager to communicate. In the course of communicating via e-mail with his chemistry teacher I found out that she is a Christian and she is praying for JM. Isn’t that awesome? I know that ps isn’t an option for a lot of people; I thought it wasn’t for us either but circumstances change and I’m glad we were open to what the Lord had for us.

What say you?

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