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Busy Day

A lot of was accomplished today on this beautiful, crisp Autumn Saturday. The sky was blue and there was a chill in the air this morning. My dh and I went out to breakfast and then did some shopping together. We went to Lowe’s, Pet Smart and Staples. At Lowe’s we bought some parts to fix a lamp I broke and screws to fit the new handles I bought for me kitchen cabinets and drawers. I would really like to have new cabinets because mine are dark brown and not even real wood but that fake laminate stuff. But cabinets are expensive so I decided to buy new handles for them. Wow! What a difference it makes. At Pet Smart we had to pick up bedding for the gerbils and while there we looked at birds. I’m thinking about getting some finches. They are really cute and would make a wonderful addition to our little family We browsed in Staples but didn’t buy anything.

After lunch at home, I went back out to shop at Walmart and Sam’s Club. I bought some nice mums to go up my front steps. They are a light purple and so pretty. I also bought some more bird feeders and seeds. I have two finches feeders out back and I added two more. I bought regular seed for our large (and very squirrel-proof) feeder on our deck. I also bought a cute feeder that sticks to glass and I put that on our kitchen window. I’m curious to see if they will come. I know the squirrels definitely can’t get up there. I cleaned out our birdbaths and also added more seed to our feeder in front. It is right next to my desk in our schoolroom and we have lots of different birds visiting us during the day.

JK doesn’t know it but I bought an easy pattern to make her a poncho for Christmas. I looked over Walmart’s materials but they didn’t have anything I liked. I’ll probably try to go to Hancock’s one day next week. I also need to start on some of my other sewing projects. Christimas will be here soon!!

After I got home, I took care of all the birding needs and then JK and I cleaned the gerbil cages. I helped; she cleaned! By then, it was dinner time so we each helped ourselves to whatever leftovers were in the fridge LOL! After dinner, we watched the movie Luther, which was very good. I was very surprised that it was given a fair treatment. I knew a little about Martin Luther before I watched the film but now I know a lot more. I would definitely recommend this to anyone–especially if you are studying the Reformation.

When the movie was over, I did a thorough pick-up of the downstairs and finished up the kitchen work. Now I’m ready for bed. Good Night!!

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