Our Day

It’s another beautiful fall day here in VA. The temps are in the 70’s and the sky is once again bright blue! It’s beautiful!! As I was driving this morning, I noticed the trees are really changing color.

JK and I served at the homeless ministry this morning. Another friend and two of her children were there also. I’m so glad to see the children come to serve. It’s a wonderful experience for them and I think it helps them to appreciate what they have. I hope it also instills in them an attitude of servanthood.

We almost didn’t make it to the church where we serve. I know only of one way to go and when I went to turn down the street, it was blocked by a road construction crew. I figured I would just go down a block and then back around and come to the street on the other end but that was not to be. Every road I turned down was blocked by either a gate or a building. The blocks were not square! Since I don’t really know the neighborhood, I wasn’t sure where to go. Finally I figured I would try the block before I had to turn. It wasn’t exactly square either and we ran into a fire truck blocking the road but I did manage to get to the church. We had to really work fast to get everything ready by 12:00 but we got everything accomplished and had a large number of men and women today–ninety-three!

When we were finished, we headed back to our church to drop off some supplies and to pick up the teaching notebook for the 5/6’s class. I’ll be teaching the second hour during this month. We’re studying the life of Christ which I think will be some exciting lessons for the children.

We came home and I made chicken salad for a late lunch and then we melted some caramels for apple dipping. Our lunch game was UNO and I lost twice. A lunch game is something I started when my children were small. We always play some kind of game at lunch like UNO, Sorry, Trouble, etc. When my son went to public school, one of the things I was concerned about was that he wouldn’t have enough time to eat lunch. They only get about 18 minutes! We usually take an hour from start to finish; sometimes longer. I make my son’s lunch everyday so he gets the full time to eat. If they have to buy their lunch, they have even less time.

Tonight we’re going to a friend’s house for our monthly stamping night. I love going to this because I get such good ideas. I do well at following directions but not at creating!

Have a blessed evening!!

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