Book Sale

I just received an e-mail from a friend asking if I was going to the book sale at the local city library. I had forgotten all about it because I let my Friends membership lapse. This library holds a sale twice a year and it’s very good. I usually come home with several boxes of books.

One of the reasons I like going to this sale is because of my friend. We are both passionate about books and we have the same tastes–and we look out for each other. A lot of book dealers go to this sale and they can be very, very rude. They come in and just sweep a shelf clean without even looking what they have. They fill their boxes up and then sort through them later. How frustrating! They also have a smug attitude toward anyone that isn’t a dealer but I notice that most of the books they keep are twaddle .

Both of our daughters go to the sale also and they have a great time. We pay them to guard our boxes (from the book dealers who will just go through them if there sitting out–even if you have a “sold” sign on them). We usually bring a drink and snack for them and they guard, talk, and play video games. They each have an older Nintendo game and they link up those to play.

This sale promises to be better than usual as they are putting some of their books on sale from the collection of rare children’s books. I’m sure they will be priced higher but it will be interesting to see what they have.

The sale starts Friday at 10:00 for Friends (I’ll renew my membership there) but we’ll be there when the library opens at 9:00 .

(graphic courtesy of Graphic Garden)

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