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Cheering Competition

Tonight was the finals in JM’s cheering competition and they were the first to compete. They did really well except JM dropped his flyer. I felt so bad for him. He didn’t actually drop her but his knee touched the mat so that’s an automatic 5 points deducted. After the competition he was sitting in the stands and he looked so dejected. I wanted to go over there and hug him. When they announced the winners, I almost cried. Not because they lost but because I know JM is feeling that he let the team down. He didn’t! They might have lost some points but the other teams tonight were spot on. They didn’t mess anything up and looked so clean. Saturday they went to a competition in Virginia Beach and they got 1st place over 30 teams! Tonight was just not their night.

Please pray for my son if you think of it! He did a good job tonight and we’re so proud of him. JK came home and made him a card to cheer him up. She told him how well she thought he did and that she loves him very much. That really cheered me up and I hope it helps him feel a little better.

What say you?

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