Please Pray for My Son

Last night JM’s place of employment was robbed. Jared was there with another employee, J, and a young lady customer named A. Two teenagers entered the store with knives and demanded money from the safe. One of these teenagers was a former employee who had recently been fired for stealing money from the registers. They put J and A in the back room and held a knife to my son while he opened one of the safes. They then took all three employees and locked them in the freezer and left with the money. They also stole the young lady’s pocketbook and J’s key ring, which contained his personal keys and the keys to all the other stores. JM and the other two were able to get out of the freezer and call the police. Then JM called my husband to come to the store.

Needless to say, JM was very shaken up by this. He seems to be doing a lot better today. Thankfully, school is out for the next two days so he has some time to relax. Please pray that he doesn’t have any lasting effects from this and that the Lord would use this in his life to draw my son closer to Him. Pray also that these two teenagers will be caught quickly and punished accordingly. JM and J knew the boys so there was no problem with the identification. I spoke with JM’s boss today and he will be pressing the maximum charges against them since it was an armed robbery. The locks have been changed at all the stores.

Pray also for J as his house and car keys were taken and all that will have to be changed now and for A, who was hurt during the robbery (they pulled her hair and dragged her into the freezer) and she is very badly shaken by this. As far as I know, J and A are not believers.

What say you?

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