The Sunshine Girls

At the conference I went to this weekend one of the sessions was entitled, “The Sunshine Girls” and it was about equipping our daughters for loving service to others. The conference was full of girls, young and old, with their mothers and Mrs. Hendry encouraged the girls live for others by being a “sunshine girl” and by serving. She gave many practical examples of what a girl could do. Some of these girls of all ages could do; some would be more appropriate for the teen years and beyond:

~read encouraging poetry to shut-ins or those who are sick; this could even be done over the phone
~have a ready word of encouragement
~memory verse assistant; help a mom at home by offering to help her children memorize Scripture
~secretary to mothers including writing thank you notes
~write notes of encouragement to the elders of your church (and their wives)
~start a birthday card ministry
~mother’s helper
~party planning and helping
~making different baskets to give away; these could include new mothers’ basket, get well basket, new bride, new church member, birthday, new neighbor, teatime basket. I’m sure you can think of lots of others!
~pastor encourager
~prayer warrior; send notes to tell the person you are praying for them
~soup makers
~conference and meeting helpers; what mom would like some help at a homeschool convention especially if she has many children to take?
~trip and travel assistant
~story reader and teller (using felts, puppets, etc.)
~meal deliverer
~crisis, care and condolence card writer
~tea party hostess and helper
~visitor of shut-ins
~moving assistant
~mending and ironing maiden
~game player
~book lender
~teacher and tutor assistant
~errand runner
~gift wrapper (go over to help a mom wrap Christmas or birthday presents)
~new mothers’ helper

She encouraged the girls to think of others older and younger who they can minister to by acts of service. She also encouraged us as mothers to train our daughters for service and to get a vision of Biblical girlhood for our daughters. A vision where our lives and theirs are poured out to God in service to others.

What say you?

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