Create In Me Thy Beauty Now

Create In Me Thy Beauty Now

Dear God, I come before You now
To open up Your Word.
My mind is full of scattered thoughts;
My view of You is blurred.

Please help me read with open eyes
Enlightened by Thy grace.
Help me to see on every page
My lovely Savior’s face.

Dear God, Your Word has searched my heart;
It made me look within.
For when I saw my Savior’s face,
I also saw my sin.

I saw the thorns upon His brow;
I saw Him crucified.
And then I saw my careless life,
My selfishness and pride.

Dear Lord, forgive…..remold…..renew
As on Thy face I gaze.
Create in me Thy beauty now
In tender girlhood days.

Remove the stains that smudge and blur,
So all may clearly see
The image of Your loveliness
Reflected now in me!

1 thought on “Create In Me Thy Beauty Now”

  1. What a beautiful poem, who wrote it? And the picture is beautiful as well. Now I have found you…I have a xanga not a blog as my link should show…are you going to see P&P on the 23rd with us? Stephanie


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