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Rainy Days and Mondays

It’s been raining all day here with more expected tonight. We didn’t get a chance to get the leaves up this weekend so they are everywhere! Hopefully it will dry out by this weekend so we can vacuum them up.

We enjoyed another day at home. Laundry was started, chores worked on and school was finished! JK started the new math and language arts and enjoyed both. She liked the idea of having a math textbook and we made up a math notebook in which to keep all her work.

We also started some other new things. The first is English From the Roots Up, which teaches about Greek and Latin roots. We’re not doing anything too formal for this. I’m just giving her a card a day and having her look up some words in the dictionary. On Friday, I’ll give an oral quiz on the ones she’s learned. I think it will help in her vocabulary.

The second thing we started is Christian Liberty Press’ Studying God’s Word. I wanted to introduce her to Bible study and I really like this series. The lessons are short and I think it will make a good introduction to more indepth Bible study.

I’m not cooking tonight because we’re going out to dinner. We tried to go to this restaurant on Saturday night but when we got there, we were told it was a three-hour wait!! Needless to say, we went back home and ate leftovers. I don’t expect it to be busy tonight but I made reservations just in case!!

How was your day?

What say you?

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