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Pride and Prejudice

Tonight my kindred spirit, Pam, and I, along with a lot of friends, went to see Pride & Prejudice, which finally opened here in town. Pam and three of her daughters were dressed in period costume and looked wonderful. Pam just finished her dress this afternoon. (They are all going to the Netherfield Ball on Saturday.) One girl came over and asked Stephanie (Pam’s daughter) if she was going to see Harry Potter! Ummm…..no.

I was anxious to see how well the movie compared to the A&E Pride & Prejudice. I mean, can anything compare with that? The P&P with Laurence Olivier is not very good. They wear Civil War-era dresses, for goodness sake! Anyway, this movie was very, very good. I wasn’t sure Kiera Knightley could pull it off but she did. I thought she was very charming. And Mr. Matthew MacFayden was a fine Mr. Darcy. He grows on you!

I especially liked that the Bennets’ were portrayed as country people and it showed in their house, their yard and their community. I absolutely love the country dance where Lizzie and Darcy first meet.

And, as it seems with so many period pieces, the photography was stunning. I want to go to England!!

Check out the website and then go see the movie. You won’t regret it and if you’re a big fan of the A&E version, you will not be disappointed.

What say you?

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