Making Math A Little Easier

JK started a new math book last week. It’s different for her because it’s now a textbook and she has to transfer her work onto a separate piece of paper. So far, so good!

Years ago a friend gave me some advice that really helped me and saved a lot of time. When starting a new math textbook, have your student take the chapter tests to see how much he remembers. Most textbooks have a few chapters of review and if they pass the test for that chapter, then go on to the next one. We are already on Lesson 18 today. That’s over 3 weeks worth of work done in 3 days! Instead of taking the chapter 3 test today, I had JK go over some of the concepts on the test that I knew she would have trouble remembering. We’ll do that again tomorrow and then take the test because the rest is just multiplication problems. I think she should be able to get through 6 or 7 chapters before we have actually do the entire thing. That means we’ll be starting around Lesson 65 or so. What a great timesaver!!

Do you have any timesaving tips that have really helped you?

(graphic courtesy of Graphic Garden)

What say you?

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