A Holy Habit

Yesterday as I was preparing to read “Calm My Anxious Heart”, I thought to myself that I was fairly content with things the way they are. Well, there’s some pride for you! “The heart is deceitful and desparately wicked. Who can know it?”, the Lord says. He is so right, of course.

I didn’t get far into the first chapter when I read about one woman’s prescription for contentment:
Never allow yourself to complain about anything–not even the weather
Never picture yourself in any other circumstances or someplace else.
Never compare your lot with another’s.
Never allow yourself to wish this or that had been otherwise.
Never dwell on tomorrow–remember that [tomorrow] is God’s, not ours.

The author describes this woman as having a “holy habit” of contentment. A holy habit! I have to tell you that this is as far as I have read in the book. I just wanted to spend yesterday and today examining my life thoroughly, repenting of this sin of discontentment and practicing to make contentment a “holy habit”.

More later………………..

What say you?

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