daily life

Monday at Home

My title is Monday at Home but we haven’t been home much this morning. My dh is on vacation this week! We took JK to a local bowling alley and played a few games. On Mondays it is only $1 for a game and shoes! I’ll probably be taking her there so she can practice for her league. I got 118, 112, and 78. Not too bad considering I bowl about once a year!

After bowling we went to a local pharmacy that has an old-fashioned lunch counter with stools! It was a real treat for JK. The lunch was delicious but their “homemade” milk shakes left much to be desired. I’m sure we’ll go back again but not get any ice cream!

We stopped at Lowe’s to pick up a heater for our schoolroom. We have a small one in here but it’s not enough to heat the whole room. So we picked up a bigger one and the small one is now under my desk keeping me warm .

In a few minutes I’ll be finishing laundry and doing my Monday chores: vacuuming and dusting downstairs. A friend is dropping their toddler off this afternoon for us to babysit while the rest of their family goes to a Christmas party. We are so excited. He is just the cutest little thing and I know we’re going to have fun with him. I’m going to have JK do most of the babysitting so she can get some experience while I’m here.

That’s about it for our morning and early afternoon. No news on the job front! Oh, here’s something funny. In Saturday’s mail I received a booklet entitled “Cultivating a Heart of Contentment” from RBC Ministries. I have a feeling the Lord is preparing me for big changes ahead! But “I can do all things through Him who gives me strength”!!!

What say you?

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