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Thursday at Home

Cold and rainy!! That is the order of the day. No ice here but a cold, cold rain. It was off and on earlier but now it’s pretty steady.

We had school today and JK continued to work with planes and lines. A fun and easy lesson! For her copywork she’s been using poetry and most of it from Ogden Nash. She just thinks he is a hoot! I do, too. He’s always good for a laugh.

I tried to make a recipe today using Saltine crackers, chocolate and nuts but it didn’t quite turn out like I expected. I had to make a mixture of brown sugar and butter to pour over the crackers but when I poured it, it sort of went into a big lump. Well, I managed to spread it over the crackers but when I cooked it, there was smoke!! Don’t tell anyone! Actually, they didn’t turn out too bad. I’ll post the recipe later since I don’t have it in front of me.

Since school ended I’ve been working on making cards. I’m making some Christmas cards and ones for other occasions. I have a friend who just had a baby and another who is getting married so I need to do cards for those. Rubber stamping is so much fun–and addicting!

That’s about all from home today. I’m off to Target to pick up a prescription and then I’m heading to Michael’s with my 40% off coupon. There must be something I need!

How about you? How were things in your home today?

What say you?

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