A Day Full of Errands

I was home alone today and I used that time to get a lot of errands done. After meeting Kari at Barnes and Noble, I stayed there and shopped. I picked up a few books for my sister for Christmas and one for my dad. Then I found The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers on audiocassette (unabridged) for half price! I was thrilled. I had found The Return of the King a few months ago there for $7.99 but the first two were regular price. I guess they are getting rid of these because everything is going on CD but that’s ok by me! I have a radio/tape player here by my desk and I can listen to them while I’m working at night. Yeah!!

After B&N I went over to Target for more Christmas purchases. I bought JM three pairs of jeans. He was definitely in need of these. I also got some monogrammed hankerchiefs for my dh. I bought three stocking hangers to use on the new mantle. Our old one had nails in it but I definitely don’t want to do that to this one! After shopping, I had lunch in their snack bar.

From Target, I drove down the road to Wal-Mart to pick up film, ink and a camera battery. That was a quick in-and-out trip. Since I didn’t have to push a cart, I parked far away. Wal-mart’s parking lot is uphill from the store and when I go grocery shopping, I need to park close because it’s very difficult for me to push the cart up the hill.

Next stop was the post office to mail Christmas cards, buy stamps and to get an airmail stamp to mail a card to Costa Rica. I don’t think it will make it there by Christmas but definitely before the New Year! The line was long but moved quickly as they had three clerks on duty. Then it was on to the bank where I deposited my sons’ paycheck. There were no lines so that errand was done in five minutes, if that!

There’s more! After the bank, I went home to drop off all my packages and hide the presents. While I was home, I threw in a load of laundry and straightened the living room. I checked my e-mail and left again to get my hair cut and then it was home again, home again, jiggety-jig.

But I wasn’t done yet………once home, I changed clothes and rinsed my hair to get rid of all the little hairs flying around. I then gathered my notebook and headed out the door for a retreat planning committee meeting. It was very successful and we got a lot accomplished.

Now I am home and ready for bed. Good night!!

What say you?

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