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Laotian Missionary Murdered after Christmas Service

Laotian Missionary Murdered after Christmas Service
Prayer requested for wife, children

Missionary Aroun Warapong, who has been serving the Lord in his native Laos for years, was found murdered on December 23. No one has yet been charged with the crime.

According to reports received by Christian Aid from native mission leaders in Laos, Warapong went missing on December 22 after leading a Christmas service in rural Pakading district, Borikhamsay province. He left after the service to return to his home village of Heuysiak in Phaksan district and celebrate Christmas with his family. However, he never made it home that night.

Warapong’s family members began a search for him that culminated tragically the next day, when they found his body abandoned in a creek, his throat slashed and his chest stabbed. “His face was all bruised and beaten and left dead,” one witness reported.

It is not known whether or not the murder was religiously motivated. While many parts of Laos have been experiencing increased religious freedom in recent months, other more isolated areas remain dangerous for Christian workers.

Warapong had experienced some of this danger first- hand about two years ago, when he was arrested and imprisoned for over a year because of his outspoken faith. After his release, he continued preaching the gospel despite many threats against him.

“Now,” writes one of Warapong’s former coworkers, “he is with the Savior and has finished his race strongly and faithfully.” Warapong leaves behind his wife, Ta, and their children. Pray the Lord would comfort them in this time of sorrow. Pray also that their needs would be met as the family faces great poverty with the husband and father gone.

Any readers interested in giving to support the family of Aroun Warapong may call 1-800-977-5650 or visit http://www.christianaid.org to make an online donation, using gift code 730-PERS.

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