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Tuesday at Home

Even though it’s not September like the poster says, it was still “back to work, back to school, back to books” today! We were off over two weeks and while I like the break, it was good to get back to a routine. Not a schedule–but a routine!

We did everything except science but we’ll get to that tomorrow. JK is going to be making a volcano for her science project. I remember doing that with JL and JL so it should be fun. I think tomorrow we’re just making the volcano and Friday we’ll have it explode!

Chores were all done today except for taking down the Christmas decorations. Thankfully I only have a few to put away. JK and JM decorated the tree and they didn’t put on very much so it shouldn’t take too long to put everything away.

We have really jumped into it this week. Today we were home but we had my dh’s office party tonight. It was only 6:00-8:30 so it wasn’t that long. We went to a new restaurant called Manahattan’s and it was great! The food was delicious!! It was probably our last AP party so it was kind of bittersweet. Tomorrow we’re home all day but I’m meeting a friend for Bible study in the evening. The rest of the week is full!

How was your day? Did you start school today or get back into the regular routine after the holidays? I’d like to know about your day!!

What say you?

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