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Friday At Home

The title says “at home” but I wasn’t that much. Actually, I was in the morning and early afternoon until about 1:30. I then headed over to the LaPrade library for our Richmond Regional Home Educators Geography Bee. I was the proctor again this year. We had 21 participants!!! That was the most we have ever had particpate. Yeah!!

The Bee was very exciting, as usual, and it took us about 2 hours to determine our winner. We had to have a few tie-breaking rounds and that always makes for some thrilling moments. In the end, it came down to 2 boys who had to answer the best of three questions. The winner was Taylor Evelyn, who is the son of our support group leader. She was really pleased. The Bee was unusual this year because Taylor only got 3 questions right in the preliminary rounds and the other contestant, got them all right except one. It was during the later rounds that Taylor moved it. That should encourage our children to never give up!!! Keep trying!!

I came home for dinner and am now on my way back out for some grocery shopping. I also have to pick up a gift for a baby shower tomorrow afternoon and to buy myself a new blow dryer.

That’s about all from home on this Friday. How about you? Did you do school? (We only did math and language arts today.) Did you stay home or were you on the road?

What say you?

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