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A Beautiful Day

Today was one of those days that you want to put in a bottle to save! The weather was beautiful–almost 70* and sunny. Not too shabby for January 9. That is what makes Richmond an interesting place to live–you never know what the weather will be like.

I had an early morning doctor’s appointment but didn’t get home until noon or so. I came home to pick up JK and then we went grocery shopping at Sam’s. We were hoping to get a free lunch from all the sample ladies but there were none today so we had to buy our lunch! I picked up the basics and also some hamburger and chicken. I was eyeing the cuts of beef and pork but they are just not in our budget. Oh well. I’m getting really good at making lots of different meals with chicken and hamburger.

When we got home from shopping, there was a message on our answering machine inviting us to a friend’s house for s’mores and we decided to go. We had an hour before we had to leave so JK did her language arts and math. We then drove the 30 minutes to her house and had a wonderful time. She lives on 10 wooded acres and the children had a blast. As a matter of fact, I only saw fleeting glimpses of JK until we started making the s’mores.

We ended up staying there until 6:00 but our day wasn’t over yet. I had to meet with a friend sometime this week about a “bee” that I’m helping her coordinate. She lives even further (farther?) out in the country and since I was halfway there, I gave her a call and asked if I could drive out to have our meeting. So we ate dinner there and got the kinks worked out for the Bee. By the time we drove back home it was 9:15!!! JK walked upstairs, brushed her teeth and went to bed.

What a wonderful day! We got school and chores finished and then spent it with friends.

How was your day?

What say you?

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