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Thursday at Home

Another beautiful day here in Central Virginia! I think the temperature is about 65*. Nice!! It makes me wish spring were here but I’m sure we’ll have some winter weather before long.

This morning I helped a friend conduct the WordPower Vocabulary Challenge. We had 8 contestants. It was a little slow going there for a while since this was our first one but we got the hang of it. Our winner was shocked that she got first place but she did a great job.

After the Challenge, my friend, Pam, and I went out to lunch. We had such a wonderful time catching up with each others’ lives, sharing our triumphs and struggles. As Anne (with an ‘e’) would say, “we are kindred spirits”.

Here at home I am caught up on most of the chores. I’m reorganizing my school room since it’s not quite as organized as I would like it to be. I still have a box of books from a recent book sale that I need to put away and also some old curriculum that needs to be gone!!

The Lord has been teaching me much about contentment, choices, dying to self, prayer and taking every thought captive. I hope to write about more in the days ahead. Possibly tonight if I have time!

What has the Lord been teaching you?

What say you?

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