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Thursday at Home

Good afternoon! We have had a beautiful day here after a windy, chilly day yesterday. The weather is warm again. My ds came home from school with the announcement that the weather is crazy. Yesterday when he went to school it was very warm and by the time he came home, it was quite cold and very, very windy. This morning when he left for school, it was very cold and now this afternoon we are almost at 60*!

I have not had time to write up a post about “Content To Be Me” but I promise it is coming. The busyness of life has taken up a lot of time. This morning there was laundry to wash, dry and fold. Still haven’t put it away! And, of course, there is school. JK had a chapter review of math today so school was longer than usual. We are doing great studying our state captials together and have memorized 10 states by just looking at their outlines and their capitals. Tomorrow we’ll start on the next 10.

I cleaned up my desk, filed papers and made a to-do list of correspondence that I need to complete. It felt good to get that done. I’ll work on the correspondence tonight.

This afternoon I’m making dinner for a friend who is taking care of her elderly parents. I’ll be taking it over around 5:30 and from there, I will go to another friend’s house to work on projects (bookmarks, notepad covers, etc.) that we are making for our upcoming ladies’ retreat.

In this morning’s quiet time I read Psalm 16. This is my favorite Psalm and I encourage you all to read it as often as you can. There is such blessing and encouragement there!! One of my favorite verses is:

Lord, you have assigned me my portion and my cup; you have made my lot secure. The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance. (vv5-6)

What a precious promise! God has assigned everything that comes into my life for my good. Praise His Holy Name!!

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