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Good News!!

I just received this letter in my inbox. Praise the Lord!
Please let everyone know the news so we can thank the Lord together!
We got good news from our architect and contractor this morning as they met with Chesterfield County to finalize issues relative to our permit. I’m pleased to let everyone know we have the permit in hand!

It is likely the floor slab will be poured today, and with the permit in hand, framing can begin immediately. Given the weather forecast and the weather pattern so far this winter, our scheduled completion date in June is looking very realistic and achievable.

Please continue to pray. We have a meeting on Saturday with some of our neighbors who expressed concern to the County about the extent of landscaping we will be providing to screen the property. I think we have a very satisfactory proposal for them that County staff have informally endorsed. Please pray they will be receptive and that we will have a good opportunity to open doors for the gospel in our new community.

O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together!
I can’t believe that we might be in by June. What a blessing that will be! Our new building is right near hundreds of homes and apartments and we’re excited about the opportunities of reaching those neighborhoods. Think of the children!!

I’m excited!!

What say you?

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