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Ancient Egypt

We started our study of Ancient Egypt a few weeks ago using TruthQuest History as our guide. The books we have read or will be reading are listed below. Some books we read cover to cover and some are just to look through and glean information. Also, I read some books aloud and JK reads some on her own.

Growing Up In Ancient Egypt by Rosalie David

Ancient Egypt by Geraldine Harris (Cultural Atlas for Young People)

Ancient Egypt (Eyewitness Books)

Fun with Hieroglyphs by Catharine Roehrig; a fun book and rubber stamp kit for writing with hieroglyphs. Published by The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Riddle of the Rosetta Stone by James Giblin

The Egyptian News published by Candlewick Press; cute book about AE in the form of a newspaper

See Inside An Egyptian Town by R. J. Unstead

Watch It Grow: Egyptian Pyramid by Elizabeth Longley

The Big Book of Mummies by Claire Llewellyn

Ancient Egypt (The Nature Company Discoveries Library)

Drawing History Ancient Egypt by Elaine Raphael

Life in Ancient Egypt Coloring Book by John Green (Dover); I copy pages for JK to color and put into her notebook. She usually colors while I read.

The Egyptians Pop-Up by Ann Wild; a pop-up book to make yourself–this one requires a lot of mom input

Tut’s Mummy Lost…..and Found by Judy Donnelly

Ancient Egypt Activity Book (Edupress)

Nested Egyptian Punch-Out Mummy Cases (Dover); easier than the pop-up book!

See-Through Mummies by John Malam

Amazing Pop-Up Pull-Out Mummy Book by David Hawcock. Awesome book that folds out into a five-foot-high pop-up. This is a DK book.

Tutankhamun and Ancient Egypt; an interactive guide to the mystery of Tutankhamun, includes models, games, poster, book and more. This is also published by DK. They have really fascinating items to bring out more in history, don’t they?

Pyramid by David Macaulay

Mummy Rummy; card game by Gamewright

The Golden Goblet by Eloise McGraw

Mara: Daughter of the Nile by Eloise McGraw

Cat of Bubastes by G. A Henty (auido book read by Jim Weiss)

Pharoahs of Ancient Egypt by Elizabeth Payne (Landmark)

JK is keeping a notebook with pictures, vocabulary words and projects in it. Yesterday she cut out and made a pyramid after we finished reading Pyramid by David Macaulay. I’m planning on taking a trip to the local art museum, which has a nice collection of Egyptian art. They have a huge stone slab with hieroglyphs on it. Everytime I see it I want to touch it–to think it was written thousands of years ago. We will conclude our study with a traditional Egyptian dinner.

I did this study with my older children about 3 year ago so this time all I had to do was get my lesson plans out and start reading!! All the books, games and activities, except See-Through Mummies, are from my home library. I love have a library that my children can access any time they wish. It took quite a few years to build it up to what it is today but it’s definitely worth it.

What say you?

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