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I realize that I haven’t posted a personal entry in quite a while so I wanted to update what’s going on with our household!

After much prayer and discussion with some homeschooling moms, I am making a major change in my schooling. I’m going to start JK on Lifepacs for Language Arts, History and Science. School is just not going as I would like right now and I need to face that fact! So after lots of prayer and research, I’ve decided to use the Lifepacs. I think it would help keep our schooling on track and keep JK and myself more accountable. I’ll be ordering them as soon as my dh gives me a check. I’m already more relaxed thinking about it. JK is keen on it also. I’ll update in a month or so to let you know how it’s going.

In my Bible study with my friend Trish we have been working on our Personal Mission Statements. What a challenge that has been. We’ve spent the last two weeks working through about a dozen questions to help us discern God’s calling on our lives. This week we are taking those questions and what we learned in our discussions and putting it down on paper. One of the things we had to do was write down our favorite, most meaningful or “life” Scripture or passage. I came up with three! Romans 12:9-13; Colossians 3:12-17; 1 Thessalonians 5:13b-22. After reading over those Scriptures, it seems like an impossible task but I was looking at it the wrong way. I was thinking I would work on one thing, then the next, etc. But during our study tonight, Trish and I realized that if we are in the Word like we should be, then those things will come naturally. We will be walking in the Spirit and not in the flesh and those characteristics will flow out of our Spirit-filled lives.

On the home front, I am getting ready for some spring cleaning. We have switched some bedrooms around and we want to turn one into ???? We have decided yet. Perhaps a den, craft room or guest room. But before we can do any of that, it needs to be totally cleaned out, rugs shampooed, walls washed, etc. So….that is on my project list for the next few weeks.

JK has started taking karate lessons and she loves it. Some friends told us about this karate instructor who is a Christian and they highly recommended him. He does not talk about Eastern philosophies or religion and I’m thankful for that. She’s only been to two classes and she definitely wants to continue.

My dh will be staying at his job but also expanding his computer repair business on the side. He has been slowly adding more clients and we are praying for more. He’s really excited about this and, Lord willing, if anything should happen with his job, he would be able to go into business for himself full time. We are looking forward to what the Lord has for him.

I’m so thankful for all the Lord has done for me. I deserve hell and He has given me mercy and grace. Praise His name!!

A few weeks ago one of our Bible study assignments was to write down some what we can be grateful for when we are tempted to grumble or complain. Here’s part of my list:
~thankful I can stay home when I am sick (I was about to complain that I wasn’t feeling well)
~thankful for dh’s job re: that I am able to stay home
~thankful I’m able to teach the children about the Lord (when I was discouraged over a child’s disobedience)
~thankful for all the Lord has given me (after wanting to complain about things not working right in our house and then seeing a show on the devastation still left from Katrina)
~thankful for the right to homeschool (when we were having one of “those days”)
I’m working toward having an “attitude of gratitude” in all that the Lord brings into my life!

In everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus-1 Thessalonians 5:18

What say you?

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