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As I was reading some blogs this weekend, I came across one (not here) that was written by a 16-year old girl. It was filled with the typical and not-so-typical teenage musings. One entry caught my eye. It went something like this: We are going out again this weekend. I think I’m going to ask dad if we can stay home just one weekend. I have not been home any Friday, Saturday and Sunday in six months. I like the activities we’re doing but this is getting to be too much.

It made me wonder who the activities were for: the girl or her parents. All of the activities she mentioned seem to be good things: lessons, civics classes, sports, dances. But are they excellent? I can’t judge this family; I don’t know them.

I have always tried to live a quiet, simple life here at home. My children are involved in activities; they aren’t keep prisoners in our home! But there comes a point when it’s too much. I know for me that I can’t be away from home too much or things just don’t get done. Well, they might get done but in a sloppy, get-it-out-of-the-way fashion. I don’t think that way is how the Lord would want me to keep my home. He calls us to excellence.

When I’ve been involved in church ministries, I’ve tried to do things that wouldn’t take too much time away from home and family. My youngest is almost 12. I know that in a few years I will have more time to devote to certain activities. I encourage all you young moms to spend time at home with your children. Select actitivies wisely. Show them to your husband and let him decide! Children need time to play and think. How can they process all the new things they are learning if they never have time to think about them? I feel sorry for today’s chldren that are taken from this activity to the next with never breathing room in between.

Ok, off my soapbox now!

1 thought on “Busyness”

  1. I just wanted to say how much I agree with you. I love seeing my girls outside simply and freely playing, without the stress of running here and there.:)


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